I Have To Draw The Line Somewhere, I Am At Less Than 15%...

"I Have Ended My Monthly Cash Cow Club - Sorry!

From The Desk Of: Azam Meo
Wednesday, 2:13 AM (I work late)
Subject: Sorry But I Can Only Go So Far

I kept getting emails from folks who bought my Crash Course, and seemingly everybody wanted more.

To help you guys I created a monthly program where I went over a new strategy and technique every month.

I was only doing this as a favor.

But here is the problem...

I am trying to get to a BILLION.

I am not going to get there teaching this real estate stuff, and I understand that which is why less than 7% of my income comes from teaching and the "guru" stuff.  (As you know I hate that word)

This means that any energy and effort I put into this stuff is actually costing me money since I can't put that time and energy into something else.

"So Why Are You Stopping Azam?"

Let me put this bluntly:

No "Guru" That I Know Of Makes More Money In Real Estate Than Me!

Now this isn't my word or my bogus claims, you can see and hear representatives from my banks sign off and verify the amount of money that I make from real estate - so this isn't just some b.s.

More importantly...

Why would I lie about this?

To make myself look better so that you pay me more money, right?

That would make sense until you consider that I am ending this program right now and my mentor program very soon as well.  (I have been saying that but I keep getting in touch with great folks!)

Now since I am ending all the "Pay Azam" programs there really is no reason I would lie to you.

"What's Your Point Azam?"

Like I said I am trying to get to a billion.

That is 1,000 times the million that all the "gurus' focus on. 

You see too many people in this industry are way too comfortable, they go out and make some money (or not) and then they surround themselves with people that look up to them so that they can teach everybody the "secret".

I don't know any "gurus" (and I have dealt with nearly all the 'big names') that are uncomfortable enough to reach and try to do something truly spectacular.

They are comfortable.

One of the most valuable assets I bring to the table is my discomfort - I am constantly pushing the envelope and doing what has never been done.

You see, as you should know, I don't want to be a 'big name' or even known for this real estate stuff, I want something much more.

At any rate, I have been devoting a great deal of time the students in my mentor program.  Now I honestly can't afford another time consuming issue like this monthly club.

Yes it worked and there were plenty of members to make it worthwhile, but it just isn't a direction I want my life to go.

I will be ending my Mentor Program soon as well.

By The Way...

I should also point out how much it costs to work with me, not the five grand for my mentor program, I mean the 50-100 grand when I work with businesses and apply "Azam's IPO" model to the stuff I am doing.

So the fact that I give my email out and my direct line is simply because I know how hard it is when you are trying to start out, everything seems like the same old b.s. and it is hard to find honest help, that is the only reason I am doing this.


Ask yourself how much time you would devote to something if it only accounted for less than 15% of your income...

So that, in a nutshell, is why I ended the program.

I am going to make history, and I thank you for being a part of my story...

With Love,

Azam Meo


Azam Meo



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